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Sales Power Behind Your Flower

Product Overview


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The Sales Joint offers exclusive on-demand training videos that take our subscribers deeper into the art and science of cannabis sales. Each topic covered in a workshop is based on a real problem that we encountered while selling for growers along with the solution(s) that we were able to figure out. Some training videos are free and others come at a premium. They range in length but are generally around 20 minutes long. Watch as many times as you want, at any time that’s convenient.


This ongoing professional development series comes to you in the form of lesson-based learning sessions which you can watch as many times as you want, at any time that’s convenient. Each session is designed to work in conjunction with corresponding Sales Tools published on our site. Use them together to get an on-demand coaching experience that keeps you at the top of your cannabis sales game!


New workshops added monthly!




Free Workshops

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How to Navigate the Hot Sheet

This workshop will highlight the features and benefits of the Hot Sheet, and show you how to use this sales tool to its fullest potential, saving you time & making you money

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Sales 101

Our Cannabis Sales 101 Workshop will help you establish an efficient sales process that optimizes your team’s time & talent.

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Social Media 101

This first social media workshop will walk you through the basics, and end help you set up your accounts to optimize communication with both consumers, and potential retail partners.

Premium Workshops


Sales 102

Sales 102: The Art of The Follow Up
Getting your product on a new retail partner's shelves is really just the first step towards cultivating a lasting relationship in the cannabis business. In this brief workshop we'll walk through best practices on how to continue the conversation with a new dispensary's staff.

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