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Product Overview


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With over 600 connections to dispensaries every month, we start seeing patterns. Whether those patterns are around pricing, product popularity, social changes, industry shifts, regulation and compliance laws, or something else that’s relevant to your business as a grower, we capture them and share them with you in Top Shelf Trends. 


We put these patterns, plus any relevant industry news, regulations, updates, and more into a custom, monthly report. 


Stay informed of things happening at local, state, and even federal level that affect your day-to-day business operations, and helps you develop and expand your existing business.

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Top 10 Ways to Use

Top Shelf Trends

(See a Sample of Top Shelf Trends)

  1. Scorecard - Start your own scorecard based on the number of hot and warm leads you go after to track your own close rate. Set goals for your sales team to increase the close rate.

  2. Call feedback - pay attention to the products that are looked for week after week, season after season, or by geography. If the same ones keep showing up, it may be worthwhile to invest in providing those.

  3. Call feedback - Take a note of stores that are in a buying freeze; they'll be ready to load up again soon and will be worth a call in the near future.

  4. Contact - Start keeping your own database of dispensary Purchasing Managers so that you can network with them, e-mail them, and follow them on social. Remember, this is relationship-based business. Build the relationship and you'll build the business.

  5. Events Calendar - Compare buying trends with consumer behavior based on holidays and and changing regulations that may impact dispensaries.

  6. Events Calendar - Plan ahead and host events or sales on major holidays that can attract new customers or help you retain existing ones.

  7. Local News - Share the links of articles you like on your social so you're a local influencer

  8. National highlights - If something is working well in an out-of-state market or proving to be a detriment, you can compare to your own business plan and adjust accordingly.

  9. Grower's Good Reads - Find an article that compliments something you already do. Share it with dispensaries in your pipeline.  

  10. Workshop Calendar - Plan a 20 minute employee training session around one of the Workshops. Great way to discuss best practices and get everyone talking about what works and what doesn't on sales calls.

See for Yourself


The HOT SHEET is the most powerful resource in the industry that enables cannabis producers to know exactly what dispensaries are looking to purchase, their preferred communication methods, and the sampling process that results in a sale.

Check out this sample to see the type of information you will have at your fingertips every week

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