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Taking the Strain Off Your Business

Product Overview


Free with Hot Sheet Membership

Our sales tools are carefully crafted sales resources to give our members the very best practices and practical tips to improve sales conversations, marketing, and more. Here you’ll find processes, scripts, and systems that have been tested in major cannabis markets across the country. Think of them as the “secret recipes” that The Sales Joint team developed through years of calling, prospecting, and closing deals with dispensary staff.


These are the same systems and methods we used to train our people over the years, and now we’re sharing them with our cultivator subscribers, because no one grows alone. Our Sales Tools can be used by you, or your entire sales staff to give them an unparalleled advantage in today’s cannabis marketplace.

Printer friendly and ready when you are, our comprehensive Sales Tools can be utilized for staff training or your own personal development. Have a specific request for a tools topic? Email us today!



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How to Use the Hot Sheet

A step-by-step guide explaining how to access and make the most of this powerful tool to grow your business

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Hot Sheet ROI

A detailed report explaining how your member ship not only saves you time, but yields huge returns

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Basic Social Media for Cultivators

How cultivators can set up their social media accounts to reach new customers and stay compliant

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Cannabis Sales Process Part 1

A step-by-step guide to getting the appointment and making the sale

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Cannabis Sales Process Part 2

How to nurture the account and build strong relationships with your buyers

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Cannabis Sales Process Part 3

A breakdown of how to get more repeat business


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Handling Sales Barriers

How to overcome the common concerns from dispensaries so your product can reach more patients

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Branding Essentials for Cultivators

Grow your business by developing a strong brand that differentiates you from the competition

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Make Your Menu Stand Out

Understand the design principles and necessary information that will make purchasing managers read and want to buy

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Sales Do's & Don'ts

A reference guide for sales best practices and common mistakes to avoid.

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Social Engagement Tips

How to build a loyal network and land deals from your inbox

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Oklahoma Dispensary Map

Access this Google map with every dispensary in the state listed so you can plan your driving routes with ease.

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