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Igniting Cannabis Sales

This exclusive subscription-based service was designed to save cannabis cultivators time while helping them increase their monthly sales revenue. 


Available to only 30 members in the whole state, the Hot Sheet is a database that gives you 20-25 hot or warm dispensary leads a week. A “hot” lead is a dispensary that is actively looking to buy products right now. A warm lead is a dispensary that is open to new vendors and looking to add products to their shelves in the near future. 


Every Monday, subscribers log in to their portal and receive a weekly breakdown of what stores are specifically looking for, how much they want to buy, direct contact information for purchasing managers, and all the relevant information we can gather. 


The Hot Sheet is a sales pipeline built out for you. We have done all of the calling and prospecting in advance, so that all our subscribers have to do is deliver, close, and collect money.

Every Monday, You Get The Info You Need to Ignite your Sales 

  • A list of dispensaries in the state that are actively buying

  • Specific products they are looking for (i.e. Sativa flower > 20% THC)

  • Product price points and quality standards

  • Days and times they evaluate new material

  • Sample policies and ordering process 

  • Buyer contact information and preferences

  • Top sellers at each location


See for Yourself


The HOT SHEET is the most powerful resource in the industry that enables cannabis producers to know exactly what dispensaries are looking to purchase, their preferred communication methods, and the sampling process that results in a sale.

Check out this sample to see the type of information you will have at your fingertips every week

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