Frequently Asked Questions

What dispensaries do you call?

We call licensed dispensaries all over the state. We of course concentrate on densely populated areas, but we also cover the more rural places as well.

Who is giving you the information on The Hot Sheet?

Most of the time it's the Purchasing Manager or Store Manager or some decision maker that answers our questions. There are times when we can't get in touch with them that week so we use a budtender or patient coordinator as a resource. The title of the person and contact information is always included in The Hot Sheet.

Do I have to put money down now?

Not a penny. This is just a landing page to make a list of interested people so we can contact them on May 1, 2021 before we go live. You can choose to become a member or not. No cost. No obligation. We only ask for payment information when you choose to purchase a subscription plan.

How long is the information good for?

We update the information every week. However, there's no telling whether a need is fulfilled unless you call and ask them. If you have what a dispensary wants, call them and make the connection. Often times, dispensaries like to buy from more than one farm so their patients have a wide selection.

I want to be a member, but I can't join. Why?

We only take 30 members per state, so it's likely that you can't join because we are at capacity. As members don't renew their membership, we'll go to our wait list and give the next person in line a chance to join. It's a first come, first served basis for the wait list

What if I see a lead that is a dispensary near me but I don't have what they're looking for?

Our first rule of The Sales Joint is don't try to make something fit when it doesn't. Take note of what dispensaries are asking for that you don't have. Then see if you can produce it, partner with a farm that is, or if you have a comparable alternative that you think would be enticing, reach out with that. If you just call trying to sell your cartridges to a hot flower lead, you're basically making a cold call that will be a waste of time.

How do I use The Hot Sheet with my sales team?

Give your team or your sales lead access to The Hot Sheet portal and have them download it and divvy up the hot leads bright and early on Monday. Make the calls to hot leads you match with your first priority. Then, based on which ones you get appointments for, start prospecting to drop samples to dispensaries that are on the way and interested in your stuff (warm leads). This saves you prospecting time and money and should dramatically increase close rates.

I don't have a CRM. Is the Hot Sheet still a good idea for me?

Yes! Ideally, you work towards getting a CRM you and your team can use, but if you only have an excel spreadsheet right now, use that. The Hot Sheet can act as your pipeline, and there's even a place to log notes for visits so you'll have a weekly activity tracker at the very least.

I'm not in a state where The Hot Sheet is published. Can I still be a part of The Sales Joint?

Absolutely! Grab yourself a subscription to the Tools and Workshops so you have all the sales training our staff does and you can do the prospecting just as effectively as we do.