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Take your Business to New Levels

Product Overview


Free with Hot Sheet Membership

Sometimes you just need a coach, and we're here for that. Coaching credits come in 30-minute time slots. Use as many credits and time as you need to work one-on-one with us on a specific problem. You can also have us work with or train your team on any aspect of the cannabis sales process.


You will have our undivided time and attention to answer questions, take part in phone coaching, build out your sales process, and even manage and direct your sales process. You will come away from it prepared to face new challenges and achieve your goals.

Coaching is another way to empower producers. If you have specific goals that you would like to achieve, then schedule a cost-effective block of time to develop a 1:1 strategy session with one of our development experts.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs or ideas. 



  • Sales scripts‌

  • CRM best practices

  • LeafLink vs Apex vs other CRM - what's best for you?

  • Sales Pipeline management

  • Market Analysis / projections

  • Building repeat business

  • Creating a sales team

  • Managing sales people / teams

  • Role Playing

  • Live calling



  • Brand Differentiation

  • Menu's - best ideas

  • Tagline, logo brainstorm sessions

  • Social Media Strategy for Cultivators

  • Social planning

  • Social design - how to stand out & create impact

  • Emarketing - how?

  • Online advertising for cultivators



  • Sampling - Best practices

  • Creating SOP's

  • Operations audit

  • Team Building

  • Growing your footprint = are you ready to expand?

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